So, I'm gonna try to make this short. My husband worked a job where he only went in MAYBE once a week. I worked a job where I had to be there 7 days a week 8+ hours busting my ass. Where I live, min wage is $7.25 and I made $7.50. I recently quit and my husband got a new job where he has to be there from 9-5. He got mad because I didn't wash his clothes, but mind you, when I worked he sat around all day playing video games and literally did NOTHING. He didn't cook, clean, go anywhere, take my dog out, wash clothes, etc. I had to work until after 10 almost every night, come home, clean, cook, take care of my animals, go get things we needed. I wouldn't get to sleep until 2-3am. He was also sleeping until 4-5pm then back to his video games. Well anyway, he was mad because I didn't wash a shirt he wanted for work and I made the comment 'you never washed my work clothes when I had to work, so wash your own if you want that shirt that bad' he went berzerk. Yelling and screaming in lazy?! Lazy, seeing as how I busted my ass at work and he sat at home playing video games and still expected me to do everything with no help. What really hurts is he's always saying, 'well, I still made more money than you' like what I did was not good enough. He's always throwing it in my face that he made more money than I did. I've said something to him about it, doesn't change. He eventually goes back to the money thing. We live in an apartment his dad owns and everything's included monthly. He does NOT pay for ANYTHING never has. Not car insurance, gas, rent (I've tried, his dad won't take it), bills, car issues, etc. Literally all he pays for is to eat and to feed the animals we have. I've confronted him about that, saying he can't rely on his dad forever and he freaks out. I'm just so upset right now, it was kind of a rant, but if you'd like to add advice or a comment it's appreciated.