15 weeks compared to 25 weeks 🐳

Jenna β€’ Greyson’s mommy 🌞
My body has changed dramatically in these past few weeks. While i have my down moments, remebering my perky boobs and my flat tummy, seeing deep purple strechmarks pop up out of nowhere no matter how much i slather myself in cocoa butter, not being able to do as much as i used to in the bedroom area.. Ive definetly spent a few nights upset over feeling ugly and fat. But Im also learning to love my new body; and how its changing to support my son, i think is beyond amazing. πŸ’– I feel like the luckiest mama in the world just to be able to carry my little boy inside of me. Its all gunna be soooo worth it, and im excited. Only 14 more weeks to go until i get to meet this little sunshine boy! 🌞