Bad day

SKD • Lost my baby girl at 20 weeks February 2015. Rainbow baby boy born January 20, 2016🌈👶🏼. Early MC May 4, 2017. Expecting my 2nd Rainbow baby boy in April 2018!🌈👶🏼 Shayla Rose👼🏼 Royal Holden 💙 Lucas Shea💙
Just wanted to vent that it's been a rough one so far.  My first day back at work was yesterday and I was good.  Today however, I am depressed.  I am realizing each day as the pregnancy symptoms diminish, I'm feeling more empty inside.  I loved my tender, plump breasts and my baby bump :(. I lost both of those.  I know I will be okay, but today marks a day of sadness for me.  Wishing joy and babies in all of our near futures💗