Blood Test for Ovulation

Staci • Married for a little over 4 years...Dated for 10 years. L&D RN 🍼 Excited that God has blessed us with the opportunity to Shepard a sweet baby alongside of him! We have waited and prayed for this baby for a long time! Gods plans are perfect!
Has anyone ever been to the OBGYN doctor for blood work to test to determine whether or not they were ovulating? I have been off BC for nearly 5 months and my period is extremely irregular. My period was irregular prior to starting BC many years ago as well but on BC it was like clockwork regular. My period is now 50 days late and I am having no signs of starting my period anytime soon. I am not actively TTC but would like to start within the next 4-5 months and I see this as a big problem! Any advice? Thank you!