I'm leaving my bf today.

April 30th will be our 6 years together. Well I'm breaking up with him. He's very disrespectful too me and I give and do so much for this foo. No thank you no kiss no hug, he just gives me shit with no shits given. I made him breakfast this morning, I washed his clothes, I cleaned up after him, I did everything with love for him. After I got ready and started taking care of myself getting things done.

Anyways, I went with him too go pick up his brother & sister from school just to get away from the house. We dropped them off their house and I told my bf I had to go back to my aprts. to get my laundry out the dryer. He said okay. We got to my apartments and I told him if he can come with me and if he can please carry my laundry back to the house for me. (at least what he can do since I do a shit load of crap for him everyday). I just started working out so my legs are dead so I'd appreciate the help u know. And he tells me "just go get it I'll wait here in the car" and I told him" I asked nicely so please it'll be fast" he threw a little fit got out the car anyways. He started talking under his breath saying I make shit difficult and what not and I told him "what's so hard to get out the car and help me, do I complain when u want me to do shit for u, no. So why not this little favor that I am asking for, but it's cool i got it, thanks anyways" he told me "just shut the fuck up" 3 times. We were in front of my door when he said that so I opened my door slammed it in his face and locked it. I'm get my thoughts cleared up and leave him. 5 years with ' I'm pathetic, stupid, a bitch, stfu,' my favorite "fuck u" with no apologies at the end. Too me he meant it all. Oh && this picture is another reason why i need/want to leave. He got mad at me because I told him my feelings that were dealing with him and he did that right next to my face. I'm done. I'm just done. Tomorrow we are through and I will be free feeling like myself again. Can't wait ❤ wish me luck.