help! how much do you & your Significant other do it?

I've been married for 7 years. My husband hasn't ever been a overly sexual person but we've never had to long of dry spells. Then we started having kids which definitely caused some dry spells. Last year around this time I was feed up with never being touched. He hardly ever had sex with me. If we had sex I had to beg practically he never asked for it or hinted at it ever. As a woman who models for her job it's hard when tons of men hit on me and make me feel very wanted and beautiful. I didn't have that at home. So I did end up having a affair. I told him then he went out and cheated and we took a break and both did our own things. Through that the kids and splitting up hardships we got back together. Things definitely were semi hot and heavy when we made up. Then slowly they got less from him though not me. I'm very sexual and always kind of in the mood. Once again here we are he finds every way to avoid sex. I even got a sitter last weekend and he literally avoided all sexual contact with me it turned into this huge fight where we did have sex but I didn't enjoy it because it had to become a huge fight before it happened. Here we are again and he's still on this bullshit anti sex anti anything. As a woman who's in her sexual prime I'm finding it hard to be okay with this. We have sex maybe twice a month? I know we have kids but my kids aren't the problem. Like right now the kids are asleep and he goes to the couch instead of staying in bed with me alone. I don't know what to do? If I talk to him he just doesn't care like he tells me shut up it's annoying. If I never asked for sex we would never have it.