I went to my drs office today for my appt to check to see where I was with this mc. The nurse aide came in and asked all the normal questions. I answered yes or no. Mostly no. So she leaves and starts MAKING FUN OF ME!! Telling the other aide that I am a problem patient and that answering yes or no with barely any elaboration drove her nuts and it was pointless to even talk to me and then they started laugh at me and making fun of my mc! I had to go to the out of town office today which isn't my normal office but I was alone and in tears and never felt more relief than when his nurse, my wonderful nurse Cindy, came in with him! The talking stopped and I heard them say something to them in the hallway but he kept his voice down so I'm not sure what was said but my nurse looked angry. She came in and asked in her very concerned but caring manner if I was ok and how I was dealing with everything. She was wonderful and my dr was great but I asked to get my bloodworm done in my hometown hospital from now on. He said that was fine. Still upset just not crying. I feel so hurt. How could someone in that profession do that to someone?!? I was already in such pain, to be made fun of made me shatter to pieces!