Finally pregnant!

R • 27. RN. Married. 2boys, 9years & infant 💙

Finally pregnant after trying since June 2015... Missed miscarriage in March 2016 at almost 12 weeks pregnant.. Then I hemmorhaged in May 2016 due to retained necrotic placenta and had to have a D&C. Actively trying since then, finally happened. I found out I was pregnant the same day my husband lost his job... So I'm having a hard time as I'm still in shock from both news. Trying to stay positive and optimistic.

I didnt have too many symptoms, mainly headaches and I had a lot of sharp cramping on the day I'm guessing implantation happened. I'm always exhausted so that didnt really change.

Hang in there ladies!! You'll get your BFP too! I thought I'd never see these lines again and there they are.. Top one was after bottom one so def getting darker. I hope it sticks!! ❤❤❤