Nothing is more frustrating... Help!

Ok so I need some advice on this…. The new guy I’ve been hanging out with/ going on dates with is in California right now. I got mad at him before we left because he was acting distant or whatever, he took me out to dinner and we talked and everything went fine… He texted me twice since he’s been in Cali. Yesterday he texted me saying… Boy: just saying hi (Didn’t answer bc I was in class) Boy: how’s your week going? Basically we had small talk for a little but I’ll cut to the chase… Me: Right, I think were supposed to get snow tomorrow again too. Fml. What have you been up too in Cali Boy: at the gym now Boy:I’ll give you a call in a bit Me: okk. Have a good workout! Boy: thank you :) I waited 2 hours… Still no call or text Me: you’re welcome Should I text him saying: “Don’t talk about it.. be about it lol. I know your busy and whatever I’m not trying to be like negative Nancy or anything but next time if you’re not going to call, don’t insist that you are in the first place!! " It’s just frustrating and I want him to know that I don’t put up with it, I know he’s busy, it would have been a nice gesture but he didn’t follow through. Me and him aren’t official so I don’t want to scare him away or anything but I want to tell him that it wasn’t respectful you know? What should I do?!