Y'all help a girl out with some advice? So here's the sitch-
I was in a pretty long relationship(almost 2 years) that ended the end of February. I did the breaking up, it wasn't a sad occasion, we just weren't right for eachother anymore.
So this guy I'd been FB friends with had been trying to message me on and off since December, I finally messaged him back end of my relationship. We've been hanging out, talking ever since then. So its been a good two months.
The problem is, I don't know how to bring up the whole "what are we" convo. I'm not sure if he's just trying to be respectful of my just getting out of a longterm thing, or like if he just doesn't actually want to be official or whaaat. But I'm so awkward and idk how to ask. Would it be bad to send a text or is this more of an in-person conversation? SOS
(If you've read all this ty and ily)
**Editing to add that he actually does call me his girlfriend aometimes, I've never reacted to it. He's introduced me to his friends as well.**