Anybody else

My husband and I make each $10 plus hourly. I get pay differential but he doesn't. So together we can make up to $20-$25 an hour together. We work 40 hours a week. Our baby is due in 3 weeks and right now we only have 300 to our name until we get paid again. I am stressing since we have a miniscule savings. Our cars are brand new so we shouldn't have any breakdowns besides an occasional tire blow out plus our cars have 6 years left on the warranty through the dealership. We don't pay rent and our family owns the rent house we live in. We just pay our bills, buy food, and of course about $500 a month goes to our health insurance. I want to cry due to the outrageous price and yet I still have hospital and doctor bills on top of that and student loans. Someone please tell me that we can raise a baby making 2500 a month. I don't want my son doing without. He has his own nursery full of every item he could possibly need so he isn't doing without. I am just worried because I know more money would help but I can't move up in my job and every other job requires a specific degree. My husband will become manager after I give birth and can make up to $14 or $15 an hour. I am just wondering if any couples make it with $10 an hour jobs.