So stressed out!!

Desirae • TTC #1
And it's not from TTC (thank god) lol so as you may or may not know I am the godmother of my newest nephew... Well, my SIL finally got a date from the church for his baptism... April 25th! Awesome I'm so excited.. Well come to find out my OTHER SIL who is expecting is planning her baby shower for YOU GUESSED IT April 25th!! Now I am completely in the middle because both SILs don't care for each other so therefore never communicate... They've both missed multiple events and parties the other has thrown (one didn't come to her bridal shower, the other didn't go to my first nephews baptism... It's just ridiculous!) so now I have no idea who to approach or what to do about this!! Obviously if neither relents and changes the date I will go to the baptism... BUT (this is all on DHs side of the family) DHs whole family prefers the SIL who is having the baby shower.. So few to none of his side will attend... What should I do ladies??????