Controlling mom(rant)

just a note before I rant: I love my mom and she has been supportive this is just a rant sorta. ever since I have gotten pregnant my mom has been controlling everything. she's telling everyone I'm pregnant even though i didn't give her permission I'm currently 16w and already know what I'm having and she's telling my whole family that too. she knew I didn't want everyone knowing. her excuse was "everyone will find out anyway". she's also controlling where my baby shower should be/ how many people come. I wanted to plan by myself and have an out door shower party. I appreciate her doing everything but sometimes it seems too much? she literally tells anyone I'm pregnant without me saying a word.  she also comments "oh you're tired now? wait until the baby comes." "get used to the huge stomach." like I don't already know. it's getting annoying. anyone else have a controlling mom or MIL because you're pregnant?