Ashamed of ttc

The other day a friend of mine told me how easy it would be to get pregnant if I stopped using condoms. I told her I hadn't used them in years and she said it was "strange" I've never been pregnant before. She didn't mean anything by it but it made me bitter, I felt like she was saying something was wrong with me, so I snapped at her and walked away. I've been ttc unsuccessfully on and off for years I've never even told my family I let everyone think It's a choice. It's embarrassing that I can't get pregnant on purpose when everyone keeps getting pregnant on accident and telling me how much of a burden it is to be having another kid when that is all I really want. I'm sitting here crying thinking about how I may never get pregnant and it hurts I'm still in my 20s it shouldn't be this hard. My birthday is in a few days, all I wanted was for that stupid stick to say positive but it never does. I'm starting to think it never will, and that hurts more than anything in this world.