Life getting slightly stressful. (Just a rant)


This isn't asking for a advice, literally just need somewhere to vent as I have no real support around me right now.

My boyfriend and I have literally just come out of a bad patch, a patch that I actually thought about giving up on him. He did fight for me, and even though I'm still hurt over what he did (flirting with other girls), I feel good that I got what I had to say in the open.

Lately he's been talking a fair bit about babies. Recently I stayed at his place for 2 nights, forgot my pill packet. I told him and he said whatever happens happens.

Don't give me a lecture, please. That's not what I'm asking for here. I realize the responsibility of having a baby.

Lately I've been feeling really off. I can't eat, I don't puke but I'm nauseous, stomach cramps etc.

I have an inkling that I could be pregnant. I'm going to wait and see if I miss my period and go from there.

Ontop of that, I've recently bought a car that ended up being a complete shit bucket, so that was a couple thousand down the drain. Money is getting tight right now, I've put away $800 for my boyfriends birthday weekend that I've almost had to take money out of just to survive.

My mother and I are fighting constantly. She wants me out of the house and won't approach me in a friendly manner until I sort out a place to stay.

I'm lucky that my boyfriends parents understand what I'm going through and are willing to let me move in therr soon at a reasonable price.

I feel like everything is just happening at the worst possible times. I wish I had good friends to go to with these sorts of things but I just have no one to trust these days.

Rant over, sorry about that. Needed to get it off my chest.