I'm 17 and can't wait to have a family.

I'm 17 and 18 in November. Me and my boyfriend will be together 3 years in May! I was his first and he was mine,he'll be 20 in June. He don't realize how important a family is to me. He think's children just cry all day.. I can't wait till the day I have a family! I think about it everyday. It's something I look forward too.. I don't be out with friends drinking and I don't do drugs. I'm home all week and get out with family. I am very aware a baby costs money and I'm not saying I'm going to get pregnant now because I just started taking Birth Control but I wish he would understand how important it is and would stop thinking that way. I know he wants a family too because he tells me everyday! Ugh I wish this baby fever would go away:(