SO claims he wants kids yet denies me during ovulation!!!

I am having an issue with my SO. We have been TTC for over 2 years now since we lost a baby August of 2012. I let him know when I am ovulating and do my darnest to seduce him and for the last 6mo he has resisted my advances until about 2 days after I'm done ovulating. I feel as soon as I stop ovulating he is ready for sex but never wants to when I am fertile. I asked him if he wants a family and he says yes more than anything. I then proceed to ask y he doesn't respond or turns me down when i try during my fertile window and he has no answer. We do have sex regularly so it's not like I only want sex when I'm fertile. I'm just frustrated. What do I do to make him understand that sex during my fertile window is important for us to start our family?