When you date someone, are you wildly attracted to that person physically? (Details inside)

I'm seeing someone who I find ridiculously attractive- like, he's so hot and perfect in every sense to me I constantly want to touch his body and have sex with him because I am that attracted to him. He thinks I'm sexy, but whenever I come onto him he always entertains me, but doesn't get phased. I asked him if he was crazy attracted to me like I am to him where I always want to love on him and he said no, that he thinks I'm hot but he doesn't react that way to people. He said he doesn't feel like that towards people. I find that so odd because almost anyone I've ever dated I've always found to be extremely attractive to where I didn't want to take my hands off of them in the beginning especially. So when you date people would you say you usually feel this strong attraction or less?

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