Pregnant or just tripping

I am 20 years old my bf is 34.
I have a 4 year old daughter he has 3 sons 4,6,9.
Lately on the 9th I had spotting from the 9th till the 14th.. 
Then since the 23 I had puked randomly and felt sick to my tummy... And it happened for 4 days after and has kept happening where I feel nauseous that I have to stop what I'm doing and close my eyes so I don't puke. And alept 20 hours a day. Ate a lot and then 23-28th I bled a lot normal period I guess... But now I am having stabbing pain in my lower tummy it hurts when I pee and no bleeding I took a test on the 2d and it was false... But I want a baby... And I want to know why this pain is going on.. It's not like a UTI pain.. HELP!