Early Pregnancy Symptoms

If you're like me and always looking for an excuse to pee on a stick, this post is for you! Let's share all the little clues that made us take that test. 
I used to test every month but my husband put a stop to it when I would get upset month after month with negative results. After being more than my "usual few" days late and the following symptoms, I knew it was time! Know your body. 
-More than the usual allotted days late. I took melatonin to treat my endometriosis (I highly recommend it) and sometimes it would make me no more than five days late, when I hit seven I took the test. (+) 
- Cramps but no period. 
- Constant runny nose. 
- Sleep changes. Let's face it I'm always tired but I can't always sleep. I started falling asleep quickly and taking naps. 
- Constipation. (I never have this problem.) 
- Aversion to alcohol
-Senstive nose. 
Please share your early symptoms!