Extremely scared !!

Hey ! I have almost 9 weeks my first preagnency !! Even though it wasn't planned I'm more than happy and I've experienced morning sickness and sore bresats but not really every day, they come and go wich makes me feel unease, I got the worst cold for like 3 days now and today I woke up with no pregnancy symptoms !! I keep reading this sad stories here where the heart beat of the baby can't be heard or the baby just stop growing it just makes me feel scared all the time I can't even enjoy my pregnancy  because of all the things. My doctors appointment is next Thursday and I'm just scared to go and at the same time I can't wait to go and see if everything's ok. Maybe I'm just crazy but this is making me feel paranoid all the time and sad and I don't known... It would really help me if someone could tell their experiences !!!