Dealing with Mother-in-Law

Anyone else dealing with a know it all MIL? Hubby was dying to spill the beans to his mom and so I conceded even though we're only @ 6wks -- It's his big news too. She's very uncomfortable with our natural approach and immediately started telling horror stories of natural births gone wrong and really pushing for hospital birth and an epesiotomy. How do I remain loving and graceful in this process? We will be giving birth in a birth center about 1 mile from a hospital. We have a team of midwives, will have a dula and will be studying as much as possible. I'm fairly healthy &active on a vegan oil free diet and see no reason to be in the care of medical practicioners ("practicing" on me)! Have Hsv1 so I've been told that if I go to hospital I'll give birth cesarean. I DO NOT want that!