Cigarette smell---RANT

My coworker who sits on the opposite side of a cubicle wall from me is a smoker. A few people are in our office. When he comes back inside every hour after smoking, he has the most horrible smell to him. The worst is if he stops to come over and talk to me on his way back to his desk. I don't know if it's the type of cigarettes he smokes that makes him smell worse than the others who smoke too or what. This bothered me a little before pregnancy, but now is beginning to make me feel sick. What can I do? Moving desks is not an option unfortunately. He's been been an employee the lonest too, so I can't really "report" him for smelling...I also work in a small office. I also get I can't just tell him to stop his habit. The thing I've done so far is I go take a 10 minute break to get "fresh air" everytime he comes back, because I figured he can go out and waste time smoking, I can waste time breathing clean air! (Maybe that's the best option too).  Thanks for letting me bitch it out ladies. It's been a hell of a day!