Am I being needy?

This is basically a rant but I recently turned 16 and I'm not one of those teens that go around and party and such. I normally keep to myself, my mom gets on my nerves though. We get along but she just does dumb stuff that make me really upset like I'll ask if we can do something together but she'll hold me off and her friends will call and ask if she wants to go somewhere with them and she'll leave without hesitation. Within the past three years borrowed money to pay for bills mostly but also to go with her friends and buy what she wants and stuff, she owes me like $600 and hasn't tried paying me pay I back at all but she'll say I'm greedy. Not only that but she hasn't even bothered to get me a birthday gift, i just kinda feel like I'm all alone here i guess. Next weekend she's going an hour away with her friends even though she said me and her could do something together, basically she blew me off. I don't know what I'm trying to get at here but I just needed to rant to someone since I don't have anyone to talk to really...sorry. anyone know what I should do? I feel like a bad kid but it just makes me upset that she blows me off like that