need help!

So my friends with benefits and I met up on may 5th at like 1 in the morning. We started off hands only in my car and escalated to moving to the back seat for action. My fertility window closed on the 2nd and we didn't have a condom. I had went down on him for the past 10 minutes before we had sex. And we only lasted like 3 minutes having sex because I wasn't comfortable without a condom and didn't trust him to pull out nor did I want to risk him not making it. He didn't finish in me but I'm really scared that I might be pregnant. My period should come around the 12. So what should I do? My school has the oral contraceptive but I couldn't get to my school in time and do not have $50 to buy it at the pharmacy and couldn't go to the women's clinic. So in other words it's been 3 days since I hooked up with him and couldn't get the plan b in my hands. Someone talk to me because I don't know what to do now and I want to see if I could be or if my chances are slim and I just need counseling