pregnant questions

So I think I might be in fertile because when I was 11 I got a surgery to get my urethras re-implanted because I had urinary tract reflux. And I guess that one of the side effects is something happening with your uterus. I'm saying all of this really lightly and loosely because I'm not sure like what it is. But as weird as this sounds and I'm not creepy I swear. My boyfriend used to come in his ex-girlfriend on like a constant basis and her whole entire family was like super fertile and she never got pregnant. And when I was a little bit younger my doctor said something about me maybe having troubles getting pregnant. And by all means I'm not trying to get pregnant whatsoever I do not want to child until I'm 27. And I am turning 20 in like 29 days. Even when <a href="">Eve</a> says that I'm like super fertile he comes inside of me and I never get pregnant but just out of curiosity for the both of us should we go to a preconceptual appointment? Or should I just like chill?