when men don't take no for an answer

Hello all you gorgeous women out there 
I'm not gonna talk about TTC or babies, I want to discuss a very serious subject; sexual harassment. I bet on my right hand that every single one of you in here have been harassed in one way or another by a man (maybe even another woman). So I'm gonna bring up what happened to me on a night out on Saturday and I want your opinion if I overreacted or not. 
I was sitting outside in a pretty crowded pub when a man in his mid 40s (I'm 25) sat down next to me. I recently dyed my hair turquoise so he said "hi there, you look like a lollipop. I just wanna lick you." So I asked him to leave me alone and he replied with "no I'm not gonna leave. I'm gonna stay here until you say yes, and trust me sweetheart, you will." After telling him to leave me alone several times and he still refused, he started to grab my breasts so I completely lost it and poured my whole beer over his crotch and said "you look a bit wet, maybe you should go home and change now". He called me "whore" and walked off. Two men were sitting next to me this whole time and they did nothing to help me out and they told me I was being rude. So, did I overreact or not? I would do it again if I had to, just saying.