should I be scared?

Zoe • 😋
I think my ex boyfriend is literally a psychopath...
I worked with him...(at a bowling alley) 
We talked and were a thing for about a month before he actually asked me out, I wasn't going to say yes, but I did. We were "official" for about a month before I broke things up. 
I knew the whole time something was off about him, but I kept noticing more every time I saw and talked to him. He was extremely random, and most of the time he made absolutely no sense. For example he would randomly say something like, idk, apples are green. I'd ask what? And he would either ignore it or come up with some weird explanation that also made absolutely no sense. 
So when I realized how actually crazy he is...and my brother too, and our friends...I needed to break it off. He was obviously not the one for me...he always tried to say I love you after the first week, I never said it, and even told him not to say it.
Btw, I slept with him. We had sex all the time. He's told me he's had a gf before and is apparently not a virgin. But with how obsessed he is with me I don't believe it anymore... now after the break up...obviously I wanted to be friends, cuz we only dated a month, so no big deal, right? Plus we work together, don't want to make anything weird. NOPE. He made things very weird. Apparently didn't know we broke up even though I made it very clear. Tried to talk to me about nothing every chance he got. When my birthday came like a week after the break up he got me a GoPro...and posted a video on Instagram of me playing video games with his head on my lap. (I didn't know he took it till I saw it on insta for my birthday) 
That's when I knew he must've thought we were still together. And then also my friend told me he wouldn't stop saying he wanted to buy me stuff and sing me songs.(I'm not that type of gf at all so idk why he wanted to even do any of that)
So I approached him about it. Made it clear we weren't together. Told him I felt uncomfortable about the video he posted and that I couldn't accept the GoPro...he got very angry... he ended up pissing me off so I just left. Then, he had written this "rap" about me and posted it on Instagram right after I left. It was horrible. Like actually bad. Made no sense. Shocking!!!
It wasn't nice at all either. Later that day he tagged me in it like I hadn't seen it. Pissed me off cuz all of our coworkers saw it and were asking me about it. It just made him look like the asshole though. That night i went to his house and dropped off the GoPro. Cuz he blocked me on everything too. So I couldn't even confront him about the post. Next thing you know he's being a dick to our managers and quits because "he can't stand to look at me".
He leaves. (He had another job) (and got another one right after he left, so still 2 jobs)
Next thing you know everyone is telling me he started a clothing line...he brought them in to the alley and gave it to some of the coworkers. I thought they had something to do with me. Cuz he was still posting weird shit on instagram that reffered to me...and he was coming in to bowl but only really on the days that I work. (My coworkers keep tabs on him cuz they know he's very weird and only gotten worse since I left him)
This is all in the matter of 2 months after we broke up till right now. 
So I didn't really look at the design of the shirt to much. It was weird I can tell you that and also didn't make sense...someone comes up to me and tells me the shirts are about me cuz he explained it to them. So they explained it to me. It has our first letters to our name connected and turned upside down and some other added things from my name. So at this point I'm weirded out. Cuz he's making sweatshirts and headbands and giving the shirts to all my coworkers/ friends. Then he wrote another "rap" about me. 
Told my coworker he likes someone at the alley and wanted to buy them an aquarium in order to get them. (Wouldn't tell him who the girl was)
He also wants to make central jersey like  Compton and make people kill themselves with his raps...
Now like 2 days ago he sends me a random text saying that I made things weird and he is "straight as a motherfucker ✌🏿" (no offense to black people but he thinks he is black and things he is gangster.) but he is just a skinny skinny white boy, whiter than white...
I knew he was coming in to give my coworker tea or something. Right after he sent me that text. So at this point I've had enough. 
When he gets to alley I'm pissed and I pulled him outside to talk. He asked me if I was going to fight him and asked if he could have a mediator. My response? Are you a f***ing adult???!!!
I yelled at him and confronted him about everything. I'll admit I could have been A LOT nicer
I told him he's creeping me out and acting super crazy. He confronted me of cheating on him pretty much. (I absolutely did not do that to him)He said it without saying it. He thinks I cheated on him cuz I apologized to him when I broke up with him. I apologized cuz I hurt him. OBVIOUSLY. 
 He wanted me to try on the prototype shirt (while I was yelling at him) no way!!! I told him to leave me alone I don't want to be involved. He told me he made the "designer clothing line" for me because i said I didn't have any designer clothes.(if you know the person I am, their is a reason I don't have designer clothes, cuz I can deff afford it) then he said he was gonna buy me an aquarium! (Knew that was about me but no one believed me, till now(I like sharks a lot))
I walked away and of course he went inside and got a lane. My manager asked me what happened, I told him, and banned him from the place. I didn't want it to get that far but it's for the best. My coworkers believe so too. He Walked him out and watched him drive away.
Later that night I was worried he was gonna go to The alley and shoot it up or just do something crazy to me. (It's not only me that thinks it, it's all my coworkers and my family)
So I decided to text him and apologize for
Being such a bitch an told him I could have been a lot nicer. He apologized told me I
Didn't have anything to be sorry about. Ended up at the end of it sending me a heart and a kissy emoji. I just didn't answer. 
Then 5am yesterday he texts me and this is what he said "if you could make a sandwich for the whole world what would it consist of? Sorry I don't want to bother you. But you're the last piece to the puzzle"
I texted him back telling him I apologized because I could have been nicer but that doesn't mean I didn't mean everything I said...he just said "okay"
He's got like this "plan to save the world" apparently. my friend told me the last step is apparently her meeting with bill Clinton...idk why and neither does she. That's just what he told her. She is just friends with him to stay on his good side and she kind of feels bad for him cuz he is lonely. Her bf won't let her hang with him anymore. She doesn't really want to anyway. She just feels bad. 
So now today he hits up one of my friends. Who just moved away a few months Ago. When we had a bad snowstorm we all went sledding my ex tackled my friend cuz we had all been horsing around. That was like the second time he met any of my brothers and my friends. And this kid he tackled also kinda liked me but I never ever could see him that way in a million years. Very socially awkward kid. So for my ex to tackle him was weird for everyone(especially since he wasn't horsing around at all) He got him back tho so it was actually pretty great cuz we didn't think he would. Fast forward back to today he hits him up even tho he moved to another state. And said "if you need help lmk" he didn't respond cuz what is he gonna say? They met like 2 times. Maybe 3. And didn't even talk to each other cuz my friend is quiet and also knew my bf was weird. So now I'm just at a point where i don't know how to handle the situation, cuz I'm afraid he is going to do something crazy and stupid. He follows my brother and all our friends on insta.
He also changed his account name so it has a z in it even tho every user name he has was always the same one
But now all the sudden he changed it and puts a Z in it? Same for the name of the clothing line instagram....he changes his bio everyday now. And picture. (I'm keeping
Up cuz it's all about me) something about a snake in his bio and also in the second rap, and my friend told me he was obsessed with some snake design after we broke up. So idk I'm confused and just want him to go away and forget about me. 
I was nothing special. We had nothing in common. He always talked about music and I don't even listen to music like that. At all. And just random stuff that didn't make sense. Idk. I need advice on what to do. Sorry this was so long.