Ultrasound vent!

I normally don't post on here BUT I had the worst experience this morning at my ultrasound appointment! I'm so upset. Yes I am pregnant with baby #4 but that does not make it any less important and my first or second baby. I had been experiencing some very light spotting off and on for a few weeks so my wonderful midwife said for peace of mind lets do an early ultrasound so you can see the HB etc. well I went in this morning, had my youngest two in a double stroller with sippy cups and crackers to keep them occupied. The tech was gruff from the start told me to go sit on the table, I was expecting a transvaginal since I'm 9w2d Nope she didn't feel like doing that so she went brough the abdomen. Never turned the screen on didn't tell me found a HB NOTHING. Turned the screen on for two seconds to show me the baby, thank goodness I saw the baby making small sporadic movements and tbat I saw my midwife after who told me yes there was a good HB and everything looked great. The spotting was from an already absorbing subchronic hematoma, that why I had the spotting. The tech also informed me next time have someone watch your kids because the fetal scan is long. Well my one year old and two year old barely made a beep lady! Sorry still soo so upset by how I was treated