Can you have preeclampsia and your doctor not notice?

I know that I've had protein in my urine, but recently it went from present in my urine to having 30+ in my urine. But my doctor didn't mention it, I saw the nurse type it in the computer. I've had sudden swelling in my feet, hands and face. I also started snoring abnormally loud that I wake up my husband who can sleep through ANYTHING so I was kicked out of my bed to the sofa :( I also get extremely light headed to the point where its hard to breathe and I get very sick. I haven't mentioned this to my doctor in fear of getting the whole "its normal" speech.

Is it possible to have preeclampsia and my doctor hasn't noticed?

I should mention that I'm nearly 38 weeks, so I'm not too sure it will make a difference if I mention it now