TMI moments with yours truly

Andy • Hi I'm Andy and I'm crazy in a nutshell. I like to live while I'm alive. I'm 20 years old and taken by someone amazing💕
I tell you what, being a girl is hard enough. But then you put college into the mix and BAM! Catastrophe! Lol I just started my period yesterday and let me just clarify.... im a week early. So it caught me off guard! I'm sure it was due to stress because it's dead week and I have finals next week... so yeah, there's that. But then there's the fact my flow is so heavy this time that I was scared I leaked through.. which happened. But I was wearing black and wasn't very much at all. But still! .. like thanks Mother Nature for making my life full of surprises!!! Does anyone have any "embarrassing" or "tmi" stories like this?