dr insisting I come in RIGHT now??

So I woke up with period-like cramps that wouldn't go away. I went to the bathroom and had pink on my tp, assumed it was nothing. 
Cramping and some sharp pains up inside vag area on my drive to work. Went to the bathroom when I got there and the tp was brown and all the toilet water was brown. 
Went to bathroom third time and same thing but a small blob at bottom of toilet (pea size). No brighht blood at all. 
He wants me to come in right away. I'm 34 weeks 2d (no recent intercourse). What do you think it is???? I have appointment Wednesday but he won't let me wait. 
UPDATE: severely dehydrated and have a bladder infection. Accompanied by bad body aches and chills. Really feeling like I'm ready to have my little man out by this point. 😩😖