Sudden Anxiety Awareness?

So recently especially this year, scrolling through facebook, buzzfeed, etc. I see SO many articles about having anxiety. And ever since then, everyone and their mother claims they have anxiety. Anxiety is actually a natural human feeling. Like have you ever left the house and got "anxiety" that you left your hair straighter on or the oven on? Maybe you're worried you forgot to lock your door? You don't have an anxiety disorder. You do not need to see a specialist or take medication. This is NATURAL, GOOD anxiety that humans feel in order for survival. 
Now if you have anxiety that everyone hates you, and everyone is lying to you, then you may have a real issue, but it's much deeper than just pinning it down to anxiety. There's real underlying issues you have within yourself and your self-confidence and self-worth or relationships with other people in your life. If this is the case, you need a therapist to talk your issues out with. 
I myself have had a real anxiety/panic attack. It is extremely scary. An experience I will never forget. But the real issue I was having was much deeper than that. It was problems I was having with the toxic relationship I was in. I was emotionally abused so much by my boyfriend that this happened to me. So before saying you have anxiety, look at the bigger picture: what is truly troubling you in your life? Is it a certain person? Get rid of them. Is it a job you hate? Quit and find a new one you enjoy. 
But I trailed away from my main point here: ever since all these Anxiety Awareness articles and stuff has started getting popular, I believe we all could be getting anxiety that we have anxiety 😂
Anyone agree/ disagree? Let's talk about it. 
And no I am not making fun of anyone here. I have had depression myself and as I said had an extreme anxiety attack. It is very real for some people.