I almost died! (birth story )

Rochelle • First baby boy and 3 years later had my baby girl and we are stopping here 💕💕
I was told at a young age(17) I couldn't have babies due to cancer radiation and chemo my uterus was damaged, so after a miscarriage at 6weeks I got pregnant 2 months later and it was at high risk the whole 9months really bad morning sickness had to go to the ER and get IV fluids everything I ate or drank I would throw it back up ice water etc. for 6 months I would take a lot of vitamins to replace the horrible 6months the doctor told me that because of my history he wanted my babie to be at least 5lbs no bigger then this . So i was worried my baby was going to be small considering the fact that my husband is 6'5 and I'm 5'0 so long story short my son was due October 15,2013 and he was born on the 17th of October . So I went in for a check up on the 16th at 3 pm and I was having a few contractions that day the doctor told me you are 3cm I'm going to stretch your membranes and I said okay didn't know what I was getting myself into lol so that happened and it started!!! The contractions!! I went to target with my mom and husband I would grab my belly squeeze my legs together while walking around target trying to get last minute things lol people would look at me and tell me go to the hospital I was so nervous to finally meet my prince so I finally went home I got in the shower I ate something and I bounced in the ball for 20min. Then I looked at my mom and said it's time mom let's goooo!!! So we get to the hospital and I was 5cm I quickly asked for the epidural first time mom at 20 I was scared at this point. So I get it 20min. Later my water broke I noticed it was just blood I asked the nurse is this normal she said yes it is . Let me tell you she was just a student so I was at 8cm and I wanted to push bad so guess what happened yup they had me pushing at 8cm !!! So a few pushes and he was out ! By this time it was 1:09AM he's out ! The doctor yells NO ! Big boy is out on my chest here's my 9LB 3z 22Inch long !! He was hungry quick to latch on with out a problem stayed on for 40in. So after that she had me get up and pee maybe 1hr after having him I was weak so I get up to pee and it was blood no pee just blood she asked me are you okay I was feeling weak dizzy and sleepy I said yes so I go to my room and at this time it was 3in the morning I didn't feel good my husband had to work and my mom stayed with me that night so I told my mom I feel like I'm peeing my self she said let me see I was dripping blood ! Yes I was dripping off the bed I call the nurse in she started freaking out I was passing out I remember looking around 3doctors 5 nurse and I had a doctor into of me telling me to stay up ripping off my stitches to get the blood out I was screaming my lungs out they put pills inside and I go inside the surgery room I didn't know if I was going to make it out alive or not I remember telling my mom take good care of my son and by that time my husband was by my side crying telling. E to be strong that he and the baby needed me. What happened was that the baby was to big for me my uterus wasn't calming down after birth everything went so wrong and me not knowing what was going on at such a young age ! Horrible birth story! But I'm here today ! And that's all that matters I just gave birth 3 months ago to a baby girl and everything went perfect!!