Relationship Rut

So me and my boyfriend have together for a year
I love him more than anything
But we are in a rut 
You see 
We live together 
It's just us and our dog
I go to school and I work during the week and have weekends off and he has 2 jobs now so he is always at work. When he isn't at work he goes to the club and I don't go anymore because it has gotten old because we used to go together every weekend. Sorry got off topic. 
So here is my dilemma 
I feel like we don't do what we used to do when we first started dating. I see myself getting jealous when I see other people relationships and they are happy and doing different things every week and we don't even go out on dates anymore if it's not my birthday or Valentine's Day or something like that. I even got jealous at his younger brothers relationship and he has been with his girlfriend for 3 years 
Am I losing it?
I just wanna have fun in my relationship again