ways to start dilating??

I'm 18, ftm, and 38+4. I've got some complications going on, so they're inducing me by 39 weeks. (That's the absolute latest they'll let me go). Last Friday, it was supposed to be the day. But I'm not dilated at all. He said I've thinned, but not dilated. Yesterday the same thing. Thinned, not dilated. If I don't start dilating by Friday, they're gonna do a c-section. They need to get my baby girl out.. he gave me some things I could do to help the dilation along but they're super painful to me, (vaginismus victim right here). Internal exams are hard enough as it is, much less stretching up there myself😣😣 is there anything else I could do that's a sure fire way to help me dilate?? Please help. I really don't want a c-section. A week after is graduation and if I can't walk across the stage I'll be devastated