Ex Trouble

Jade • I'm a bisexual female and proud. Happily taken by an amazing man. I'm a full blown Gemini ♊️. Kinky af & Switch. MLP fan. College student. Message me if you like 😘
So, my ex periodically texts me little messages. Last night he texted me that he misses my face. I replied with a lengthy assertive repsonse. We were together not that long ago, but when we were he called me things such as "freak" "sick" "crazy" "fucked up" "whore" "disgusting" "attention whore" almost on a daily basis. He's very controlling and emotionally abusive. He can make me love myself and hate myself at the same time. I've been suicidal in the past and he offered to buy me a gun. I know this was said out of anger and I blame myself for this. He's contacted my friends and convinced some of them that I hurt him. I don't know what to do. How do I get him out of my life and move on?