Implantation bleeding?

Kari • Husband is 39, and we have two boys and are TTC our first baby together
Ok so this is super weird but here goes! 
So I am 5 DPO been having strange dull cramps and pinching for the past two days, just now I went to pee and (weird part) I sneezed while peeing, it hurt Alittle but not much and when I wiped there was spots of diluted blood on the toilet paper. 
So I dunno if me sneezing could have caused the blood or if it's possibly implantation bleeding?? Lol 
I've had, sore boobs (which is early for me usually they don't get sore until about 9 DPO) dull cramping, and dizzy spells. 
So I'm just wondering what the deal is! Lol