does this make me look bad? like a hoe?

So on twitter 2 guys dm me to compliment me & ask for my number & theyre both friends. I gave it to them both. I'm not looking for anything serious, it's basic conversation but I'm wondering if that give me a bad rep. Guy 1 has tried getting my attention months ago but I was in a relationship, when I got out he eventually noticed & tried again & I was ok with that. I saw guy 2 on his page & liked a pic & he followed me & dm me saying I was cute & I gave him my number. I saw that they were friends but I didn't think I'd look bad until my friend said something. They live in GA, I'm in TX so I don't expect to get anywhere with either one. We'll most likely never even meet. It's strictly conversation, a little flirting tbh but I don't see the problem. What do u think? Am I looking like hoe for this?