My birthday!!!!!

So my birthday for my family has always been a special day. My fiance doesn't understand why he knows I love my birthday. I was born early a month to the day. My mom was fighting her ex husband at the time for custody of my sister's. She was visiting them she was in labor her whole visitation but would not tell anyone till my sister were gone. My mom was in the middle of cooking dinner for my dad when her water broke. My dad rushed my mom to the hospital they made it fifteen minutes before I was born. During delivery the doctor wasn't paying attention my mom was in the middle of a big push when my head popped out. She sneezed at the end of her big push and I slipped out the rest of the way. The doctor barely caught me by the foot. My dad flipped because the doctor almost dropped me. I was kept in the hospital for 5 days because I was having issues. My mom was so scared I wouldn't make it. Now 26 years later they make sure we spend the day together my son is excited for cake. I love spending time with my family. I just wish my fiance understood a little more. Of course he is lucky to hear from his parents on his birthday. So he feels it's just another day. I'm not complaining I don't think he loves me any less. He got me a mini van for my birthday. I don't get it till friday I don't care I can't wait. I'm hoping today will be a wonderful day. My past few birthdays things have gone wrong or didn't happen like they were supposed to so I am hoping it goes smoothly. I also want to wish anyone else born on may 10th a happy birthday as well.