AF came this morning

AF showed up this morning 😞 feeling pretty down and discouraged. We've only been trying 4 months and this last cycle was first time using ovulation kits and pre-seed. But it is still so hard not to feel inadequate and like something is wrong with me and that's why it's not working. I wait until my husband leaves for work to cry cause I don't want him to feel bad. He tries to be so positive about it that I don't want to show how much I'm really struggling with it. We haven't told anyone that we've been trying so just feel like I have nowhere to go or no one to talk to about my struggles. Don't get me wrong, my husband and I have talked about it. I just don't want to continue being sad about it around him when he's trying so hard to be positive for the both of us. Not looking for sympathy or anything like that cause I know there are so many others out there who have been struggling way longer than me. But no matter how long you've been trying, it doesn't hurt any less when AF comes.