Me and my boyfriend sex without a condom but he always pulls out and I'm also on the pill. he's been checked for any STDs while we've been together and I haven't been checked but I've only been with 2 other people before and we used protection. He says it's fine because he doesn't have anything so I wouldn't. But recently after sex I've been desperately needing to go to the toilet during the day and I feel like I can't hold it, it happens even when I don't drink a lot of water. There is no stinging and there is no blood and I have no stomach aches. Even when I'm desperate for the toilet, not a lot of pee actually comes out. I'm not the most confident person when telling people things like this, so I'd rather much try and avoid going to the doctors unless it's really necessary. This has never happened before so I'm not too sure on what to do??