not sure what to do

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So my baby is 5 weeks old, since she was born, she's had TERRIBLE reflux, she spits up so much, projectile vomits. She doesn't latch well so I pump and give her breast milk during the day, and just a few formula bottles at night because I can't keep up with her. Breast milk or formula she'll spit up sooo much. She doesn't over eat, and she still spits up a ton. I find her choking in her bassinet, milk coming out of her nose hours after she's eaten. This happens every single day. If I lay her flat, she'll start choking and coughing. I have to sit in the back seat with her still while my husband drives because I'm scared she's gonna choke. She makes wheezing noises. So my pediatrician put her on "similac spit-up" and it's been working wonderful. She hasn't been choking, BARELY spitting up. I can change her diaper without milk coming out of her nose. My problem is, she had a hard time with my breast milk too, she would throw it up and choke on it. Do I just quit giving her breast milk and focus on the spit up formula because it's working? What would you do?Ā