Names :)

So I am currently TTC, not pregnant, BUT I love picking names for any future children :) so I was wondering what everyone's opinions were on the first names I currently have as options :) 
Benedict is my top choice, I think it's classy and my fiancé loves it :)
Colin is a good second I believe :)
Seamus is also up there, but the circumstances would have to be just right. 
Severus is another one of my top choices, for all my geeky Harry Potter reasons. Severus Snape was my hero :)
Darren. Very unique but also classy as well :)
LeeLoo is my top choice (for all the Fifth Element fans out there). My fiancé ADORES the name. 
Catherine. I love that name :)
Natasha, I've always loved that name :)
I have a three year old daughter named Fallon Brie, so I do like the unique names. What do you think of the ones I've picked? Please be honest :) I won't take offense, I just want to know some opinions :)