Worried about my love

Leah β€’ Mom of 2 boys. Sage due 08/23/15. πŸŽ€
I've been very worried about my SO recently. He has depression and is not on medication. Our 4 year old has been having a hard time listening and he feels like he's done something wrong in parenting because of it. And he feels even worse when he has to raise his voice. I try to explain to him that he is a wonderful father and has done nothing wrong but he won't hear it. He is in physical pain from the depression also. I've tried to get him to go back to the doctor, or see a therapist just to talk but he won't have any of it, which worries me because he is the love of my life. Any suggestions on how to let him know he's an amazing father and Devlyn's behavior is not because of something HE did. 😞πŸ˜₯