Please help!!

I did a hpt and a opk yesterday and I could clearly see 2 lines at 6 am. Went back to bed and woke up around 12pm ( im a bit poorly ) and did another test and line was fainter. Did another around midnight after holding pee in for 5 hours and no line!.
Did a hpt and opk this morning at 6am and faint line on opk and a barely visible line on hpt (more faint than yesterday) .
Did another opk and hpt at 1 pm after holding in pee for 6 hours! And a clearly visible second line. However, the hpt I did at 1pm was put on a piece of toilet tissue as my husband was around and I didn't want him to know i was going mad with testing! So..... in an effort to hide this i quickly placed the test ( cheap internet one) on a piece of toilet tissue and put another piece on top of it and left it in the bathroom cabinet. About 3-4 min later I went back to the bathroom and the line was clearly there.
My question is, would the result be fake as it was placed on toilet tissue and the dye was affected somehow? What about the fact that the test was barely visible just this morning at 6am? I used the same urine sample to dip the opk in first but the tests were placed well away from each other. Dorry for the long post but please, please help! Im freaking out!