When your family doesn't approve of your relationship...help??

So firstly, my boyfriend and I dated for 5 months and then he broke up with me for a whole bunch of stupid reasons. When we first started dating, my parents didn't approve because he was 5 years older than me (20 and 25) and because he's not the same race as me. However, my brothers fully supported me and my relationship.
Shortly after breaking up, my boyfriend changed his mind. His reasons for breaking it off included how we couldn't get married soon because I need to finish college and that he also felt my family wouldn't see him as a "threat" so he thought it would be better for me if we were just friends.  However, now my whole family despises him because they think he broke up with me with the intention of hurting me. They believe that he's stringing me along and that he is going to use me and hurt me all over again. They don't understand his reasoning for breaking it off and so they figure he's just a lying scumbag who has shown his "true colors."  We've been talking a lot since the break up and I don't agree with that. I think that he made a poorly planned, rash decision and did not have all these malicious intentions as they all suspect. We really want to be together again, but my family is going to make it so hard for me. They've already expressed their disapproval and have told me I have zero support.
My parents have never met him before. I'm wondering if he showed up unexpectedly to my house and talked to them to plead his case if that would help. But I'm also terrified that it will make things worse. How can I convince them that he isn't the asshole they imagine him to be? I'm feeling so terrible about all this :( I'm torn between making my family happy and doing what I think will make me happy.