Urgent OPK question! Can you guys help?

Francesca • I`m 28 and TTC #2 with my fiancée! Lots of losses & my first arrived at 29 weeks so trying to stay positive!
Hey girls! I'm so confused! I thought I'd post in here too as you guys know what I'm going through, this will be our 3rd cycle attempt since the miscarriage!
 So usually I get a positive OPK on CD10/11, I always start testing the day after my period ends so CD5/6. Today is CD6 and I got a positive OPK!? This was at 1pm. I took another at 7.30pm and it was negative! Both photos attached! I've bought a clearblue digital one that says to test once a day WITH FMU instead of the usual tests that say not FMU! Could the first result be wrong? Could I have missed my peak? My fiancée works away and isn't back til 9th March so if I've missed my peak then I'm already out this month! 😢 Advice please!