Urgent OPK question! Can you guys help?

Francesca • I`m 31 and We just had our 3rd baby! A boy after two girls! Lots of losses 😔 my first arrived at 28 weeks, after five years of trying, our second arrived at 34 weeks, and our third arrived at 34 weeks too! So blessed!
Hey girls! I'm so confused! I thought I'd post in here too as you guys know what I'm going through, this will be our 3rd cycle attempt since the miscarriage!
 So usually I get a positive OPK on CD10/11, I always start testing the day after my period ends so CD5/6. Today is CD6 and I got a positive OPK!? This was at 1pm. I took another at 7.30pm and it was negative! Both photos attached! I've bought a clearblue digital one that says to test once a day WITH FMU instead of the usual tests that say not FMU! Could the first result be wrong? Could I have missed my peak? My fiancée works away and isn't back til 9th March so if I've missed my peak then I'm already out this month! 😢 Advice please!