I think he's an addict.

I think he is addicted to video games. He comes home from work and that's all he does. We ate dinner together for the first time since valentines day (which was because we went out) last night. The only reason he came to eat with me was because his friend couldn't play for a half hour. So he scarfed his food down so he didn't miss the start of the game. He then played until 11pm an comes in to go to bed. Then his phone goes off and now he is playing a different game on his phone. Other than us eatin dinner together this is an everyday thing. The weekends are the worst sometimes he says he's hungry and asks if I can make him something so I make it and even bring it to him and when I go in an hour later he hasn't touched it and/or tells me he's hungry because he forgot it was there. I brought up that he couldn't go a day without playing a game and his response is what I use to say when I was addicted to other things, "I can I just don't want to."