Is the Dr appointment necessary after miscarriage? Can you only miscarry one of multiple?

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Both of my parents were both twins. So my chances of twins is high. Recently I believe I had a miscarriage. I haven't been to the doctor yet, and I'm not sure if I have to go. I went to the Dr to get BC and she didn't give me a test before I started the pill. A few weeks later I had an abscess and went to the hospital to get it lanced, and they didn't give me a test either. I was prescribed anti-biotic and strong pain meds. I'm afraid to go to the Dr or take a test because I've had so many let downs. Also it's not a very good Dr. Office. Well my questions are : Should I go to the Dr about the miscarriage? Could there still be one baby left? Should I wait a little longer? Please comment need advice.

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